Science Laboratory

Meaningful lessons occur when activities are a well-integrated part of learning. At MSPA, scientific knowledge is transmitted to the students in an engaging manner in the three state-of-the-art laboratories. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are any science enthusiast’s delight. Well- stocked with equipment, gadgets, chemicals and specimens; the spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated labs facilitate practical work.

Computer Laboratory

In keeping with the rest of the school the Computer Lab at MSPA is also quite expansive. This airconditioned laboratory is equipped with 43 computers with restricted internet access. Around 20 of these computers have been upgraded recently to meet our technical requirements. Students of grade V and above are given an opportunity to hone their computer literacy skills and get a great hands-on experience in the digital world.


The Library at MSPA boasts of a collection of more than 3500 books , which is enough to satiate the appetite of the budding readers at MSPA. The library has something for students of every age group. Journals, magazines, periodicals, fables and folklore, mystery, autobiographies, fiction and non-fiction and encyclopedias are just the beginning. Books are accessible to children according to their age group only.

Music Room

The Music Room at MSPA is a serene corner specially reserved for our budding musicians. Under the able guidance of the Music Teacher, students are taught to play the Keyboard and the guitar. The Students of the School Choir and the Music Club use this room to practice and develop their musical prowess.