Mount St. Patrick Academy believes in incorporating the best technology can offer to make every class-room session a novel and rich learning experience.


To encourage and to promote healthy competition, Star Certificates will be awarded to students from Grade 1 onwards at the end of each term.

70% - 79% Bronze Certificate
80% - 89% Silver Certificate
90% and above Gold Certificate

  • Proficiency prize and Star certificates will not be awarded if a student misses any of the exams in part or in full.
  • Proficiency prize and star Certificates will be awarded on the basis of the student’s performance in the major subjects.
  • As a policy the school does not allow students to take leave during examination / assessments days. In case, of emergency, prior permission must be sought from Principal and a detailed letter with supporting documents must be submitted.
  • No re-examinations / assessments will be held in the event of a student missing an examination. In such cases, the average of the attended examinations/assessments will be taken into consideration for promotion.
  • Students with outstanding performance in academics, sports and curricular activities will be awarded and All Rounder Trophy and a Certificate.

Teacher-student relationship

Teachers are the pillars of education and development of valuable human resources. It is with this belief that Mount St. Patrick Academy provides an atmosphere where growth, development and progress is not limited to students alone but includes educators and other professionals at the institution. Teachers are encouraged to read beyond syllabi.